About Wish Decor and its founder: Ms. Niki Panagiotopoulos.


My job as a designer is to help you create a space that is as beautiful as it is functional.

I believe that well designed spaces are both stylish and timeless expressions of the people who live in and enjoy them, and that the key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.

About Niki - Founder of Wish Decor

Known for her love of soft palettes and warm neutrals, Niki loves to inject carefully selected moments of colorful accents to add charm and sophisticated style to each and every project.

Niki jumped into interior decorating with both feet in 2004, when she started her company Wish Decor. Since then, with many years of residential client experience to her credit, she has learned the design formula for creating a diverse range of beautiful yet well designed spaces.

Her versatility with projects of all scope and size has helped her tackle nearly every budget level and all kinds of demanding challenges. Clients appreciate her fresh and sophisticated style, her innate attention to detail, strong organizational skills (and her sweet yet confident demeanour). They value her sharp eye for great design and trust her powerful work ethic to see each project through to completion. It is Niki's dedication to truly get to know her clients which ensures that their personality and style is truly represented when the project is done.

Since she became a Mom of two young, active boys, Niki is happiest creating durable, family-friendly interiors that never lack in comfort, style and sophistication. It is her most important designer goal. With each job, she understands the need to achieve the perfect balance of style and function. Her signature style involves combining the old and the new, the high and the low, to create classically beautiful and balanced spaces with solid design credibility and sustainability. Her contemporary take on tradition enables her to create interiors that look current yet timeless, fresh yet familiar.

Although she has a passion for decorating, she also loves the challenges of renovating and re-designing. Niki believes that the most rewarding part of the design process when re-designing a space is turning a problematic space into a charming and useful part of the home.

When Niki isn't dreaming up new design schemes for her growing clientele, she can be found on the ice coaching figure skating, mentoring new designers at QC Design School, hosting spur of the moment get-togethers with family and friends or enjoying quality time with her husband John and their two boys Peter and Bobby Emmanuel.

Her work has been featured in Quebec magazines such as Je Décor and her company Wish Decor has been the recipient of the Best in Houzz award for both Design and Customer Service for numerous consecutive years. Houzz is the leading online platform for residential remodeling and design, and Wish Decor was chosen by some of the 11 million+ monthly users that comprise the Houzz community.

Recently, Niki expanded Wish Decor to include an online store featuring a unique collection of handpicked home decor and lifestyle goods. The store was created with one goal in mind: To inspire you to create an inviting home that is as stylish as it is comfortable and that captures your spirit and personality. She invites you to visit and become excited about your home.